Welcome to my page of Scouting/OA resources. This is a compilation of things that I have not been able to find anywhere else on the Internet but think should be available.

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OA Resources
Mock Chapter Meeting This is a program item for OA lodges to use at their LLDC training. If you are in need of something to spice up your training then this is it. If you think your lodge could use this than you are welcome to it. If you think that you might ever participate in this than DO NOT read the individual parts. Doing this will take away from the experience
Lenape-English Dictionary Yes, this is the whole dictionary. It is up but I am having some problems with the formating of it. Just bear with me for now.
Spirit of the Arrow Books
I have often found it difficult to get a supply of the Spirit of the Arrow Books that are passed out at the Ordeals. Many people I know have never recieved any or all of them. Here they are for all to have.
Various Elangomat Guides These are all available somewhere else on the net but I have compiled them all in the same place. I'm always looking for more.
Tap Out Ceremonies I'll disipline myself for calling it "Tap Out" later. Here is a whole bunch of them. I'll add more if I find them.