The Ribbon Call Out Ceremony
Materials: red "ribbon" sashes
a shorter piece of red ribbon.
wooden arrows for all candidates + 3 more
2 quivers

Principles: Chief, Scoutmaster or Troop OA adult with quiver and two arrows
(#1) One Arrowman(SPL best) that knows all the candidates
(#2) an Arrowmen(in costume) with quiver of arrows
Any other Arrowmen that want to participate

Setup: Have arrows in quiver to hand out to candidates Have sashes at a "private" location
Clear area large enough for all troop members to sit on floor.

Ceremony: Have troop sit on floor in width-wise rows making sure there is enough room between rows to walk.

Chief: "Brother(s)(addressing the other Arrowmen with him), there are those among us who have been chosen by their peers to become part of our Order. As the skilled hunter chooses only the best arrows for his quiver, we are here, tonight, to choose the straightest, the sharpest, the strongest arrows for our quiver. Brother (#1)____,let the arrow on your sash point out those who have been chosen.
Brother (#2) ,bring them to me."

#1 takes his sash off and starts with the first row and walks behind the scouts. When he comes to a candidate, he stops, and holds his sash over the candidate, arrow pointing down.
#2 draws an arrow from his quiver, comes up to the candidate, stops, hands him the arrow with his left hand, then extends his right hand to pull the candidate to his feet. As he stands, #2 places his left hand on the right (sash)shoulder of the candidate. Then the candidate is directed to go up and stand by the chief with his arrow.
When all the candidates are up in front, the group could go off to another area to complete the ceremony or stay so the troop can watch.

Chief: "Brother____,prepare the arrows.
Brother : "Candidates, add your arrow to that of the chief s."

(The brother gathers arrows from the chief and the candidates. Then, with the help of another arrowmen, ties a red ribbon around the bundle.)
Chief: (Chief draws an arrow from his quiver and holds it high.) "A single arrow is strong in many ways, but in other ways, it can be tested beyond it s limits(break arrow). (Chief takes the bundle) But, combine one arrow with many others and bind them together, and it is nearly impossible to break them."

(chief flexes the bundle to test it, then hands to assistant who also tests it. Then the bundle is passed to the candidates who test it. Then it is handed back to the Chief.)

Chief: "As you added the strength of your arrow to that of your fellows for the good of the whole, you were chosen because of your strength. The strength you give to your patrol, your troop and to scouting. Soon, you will become a member of the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service known as The Order of the Arrow. You will be expected to add that strength to the strength of those who have gone before you. The red ribbon represents the ties of brotherhood that binds us all together in the Order. A tie that we trust will never be broken."

(Chief hands bundle to arrowmen and takes a ribbon sash)

Chief: "This ribbon represents the ties you have had to your troop, bonds that have lead you to this place. It also represents the ties you will have when you go through your ordeal and become members. At that time, it will be replaced with the sash like you see us wearing. Until that day, let this be a reminder of why you were elected and a token of what lies ahead of you.."

(The ribbon sashes are passed out and hands are shaken)

NOTES: The different sections of dialog can be divided among different people where appropriate.