"The Arrow" Call Out Ceremony"
Materials: one arrow(aluminum or wood) with field tip(sharp)


The arrow. What makes a good arrow? First, the shaft has to be straight. A warped arrow will not fly true. The shaft has to be strong, but, like any experienced archer will tell you, it can t be too stiff. It has to be able to flex some as it absorbs the power of the bow string as it is released. An arrow must have fletching or feathers. Without them to stabilize it, it will never reach its target. Hmm, ever notice that most arrows have 3 feathers? Kind of reminds me of the Scout Oath, duty to God and country, duty to others, duty to self. How about the tip. It must be sharp if it is to stick in the target and after all, that s the whole purpose of an arrow, to fly straight, to hit the target and not bounce off.
Tonight, we re going to recognize a few "good arrows". How do we know they re good? Because you said they were. You said these scouts were good enough to represent you in the Order of the Arrow. You said they were straight and strong, but flexible. You said they would fly straight, because they live the Scout oath. And finally, you said they were sharp, sharp enough to stay in the target, to stay in the 0/A. You chose wisely. Will the following scouts come forward and be recognized....

(Note: this ceremony can be adapted for Arrow of Light, Crossovers or Courts of Honor)