Paul Collett
Wapiti Chapter, Wauna La-Mon'tay #442
Tapout Ceremony

Person 1 Fellow Scouts and Scouters, you likely joined scouting because of the fun, adventure and camaraderie that accompany the responsibilities of the Scout uniform. Tonight we -- the Order of the Arrow -- are set to honor those scouts who have taken their responsibilities to a higher level

Person 2 The Purpose of the Order of the Arrow is to recognize and honor those campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives, and promote Scouting through their service to Boy Scout units.

Person 3 Your fellow Scouts have selected the most devoted of you to receive this honor by electing you to the Order of the Arrow. Tonight we seek to honor some of you for your dedication to the high ideals of the Scout Promise and Law.

Person 4 We have come to give those selected, the opportunity to challenge themselves. You who have been elected now have the chance to test your dedication to the Scout Oath and Law.

Person 5 Those called out tonight are now entitled to attend a special camp out referred as the Ordeal. It is an excellent chance to learn the obligation that an Order of the Arrow member is expected to take.

Person 6 The following Scouts have been chosen by their fellows to join us in the Order. Please come forward as we call your name.

Person 7 (After all of the names are called) Fellow Scouts, examine these honorees. They represent the best Scouts that our district offers this year. Many like them will come soon, though. Look carefully and follow their examples, and next year, you could join them in the Order.


Kichkinet: If you wish to continue following the Scout Oath, and Law; If you wish to prove your loyalty to Scouting's high ideals. If you wish to become a member of the Order of the Arrow, than follow me now to where you will learn more.

Kichkinet: For the remainder of the ceremony, please do not talk unless instructed, and do not use your pocket torches or they will be temporarily taken from you.

(Runners check all names present to make sure all have the right to remain)

Nutiket: Brother Kichkinet Have all people behind you been called out for the Tap Out Ceremony?

Kichkinet: I am satisfied that all present are entitled to remain.

Nutiket: You may now enter. Remain as a group and line up as Kichkinet directs.

(Kitchkinet leads the group into ther area and lines them up so all can see.)

Kichkinet: Brother Meteu will now ask you to strengthen your spirits in prayer for the journey you are about to undertake.

Meteu: We are gathered here in the midst of this great forest underneath the stars above us. For we are here to inform you what must be done for you to become Ordeal members in the Order of the Arrow. From the guidance of our maker may you have the strength to complete the ordeal that you will soon take part in. This our purpose and intent. Mark with silence reverent.

(pause for AT LEAST 60 sec.)

Allowat Sakima: That you, my fellow campers, have been chosen by your companions to become members of the Order of the Arrow reflects great credit upon you, and I congratulate you upon your election. You have impressed upon those who have lived closest to you the sincerity of your purpose to live in accordance with the high ideals of the Scout Oath or Promise. The judgment of your fellows could hardly have been mistaken.
You are here tonight because your peers believe that you will be worthy members to represent your troop in the Order Of the Arrow. But before you may join, you must, like all others before you, prove your devotion to the scouting movement. This will be done by an ordeal which Kichkinet will now explain.

Kichkinet: The tokens around your necks represent your proposal to the Order, but to become a member of the Order of the Arrow you must first attend an Ordeal weekend to test your resolution to live up to the high ideals of Scouting. The dates that have been scheduled for ordeals are printed on an information sheet you will be given shortly. The Ordeals start Friday evening and you must arrive between 5 and 7:00 P.M. The Ordeal will end at 10:30 A.M. on Sunday. With the registration fee, you will be paying for your food, the camp fees, membership dues that are good until the end of the year, the OA sash, OA handbook, and a Wauna la-mon'tay lodge flap. Lodging will be provided and you should not bring any food, drinks, electronics or other unacceptable items.

Meteu: Let us all now remember the high ideals that we live by, that are the reason you have been proposed to the Order of the Arrow. We will all now make the Scout sign and follow Allowat Sakima in the Scout Oath and Law.

(Allowat Sakima leads the Oath and Law)

Let us hence forth to continue to live to these ideals. This our purpose and intent, make with silence reverent.

(pause for AT LEAST 60 sec.)

Allowat Sakima: In a short time, you will take upon yourselves another solemn obligation to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others. Your fellow Scouts elected you because they felt that you would continue your service. Do not let them down.
You will now be released back to your troops and your bond of silence is removed. In continuing to live by the Scouting ideals you will prove your readiness to come before me again. At that time the full purpose of the Order of the Arrow will be revealed. For now, Kitchkinet will lead you from our council circle.

Nutiket: All that you have seen and heard tonight is privliged to those who are prospective members of the Order; therefore you are on your honor to keep this all to yourself.

Kitchkinet: Follow me out now.

(Leads the group some distance away from site to where Chapter Advisor is waiting)

I would like to introduce you to the Chapter Advisor. He will try to answer any question you have.