Wapiti Chapter's Old Tap Out Ceremony
(I got tired of it so I re-wrote the ceremony)

Wapiti Chapter's NEW Tap Out Ceremony
(I borrowed lines from a number of the other ceremonies on this list)

Ribbon Tap Out

"The Arrow" Tap Out

Compas Tap Out

Wakpominee Lodge 48 Tap Out

Tatanka Lodge 141 Tap Out

Notawacy Lodge 205 Tap Out

Mitigwa Lodge 450 Tap Out

Amangamek-Wipit Lodge 470, Chain Bridge Chapter Tap Out

Tu-Cubin-Noonie Lodge 508 Tap Out

Sakima Lodge 573 Tap Out

I have found in my work on Tap Out ceremonies that everyone has a different method of finding candidates in the crowd of boys. It all comes down to logistics. In my Chapter, we have our Tap Out at the annual Wapiti District Camporee which is attended by nearly 300 boys. We are looking for a method of finding the elected boys, determining their names and calling them out, without anyone figuring out how we do it. Having the Scoutmaster of each troop hold a sash behind the head of each Scout is too obvious because everyone is sitting in an ampatheatre and anyone behind the Scout elected would know how it was done, then start looking for their own Scoutmaster to see if he is doing the same thing.

My Chapter does another tap out for a few of the most OA active Troops at a camp out before the Camporee each year. The ceremonies Team is made up of members of those Troops, so the "Choosers" can recognize the boys, walk up to them and tap them out as they call the names. This method is simply not possible with 20 Troops at the Camporee.

I need suggestions for how to solve this problem!!!
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