Call-Out Ceremony

(Medicine Man and canoeists paddle across lake within site of parents in the amphitheater. They land on shore and light torches at bottom of hill before going up the hill. Medicine Man follows lead canoeist carrying torch. Be careful not to catch the bonnets on fire!)

Medicine Man: (On stage at top of hill) "Let there be silence ...(pause)... let anyone among you who breaks this silence be driven away!" (pause again)

Medicine Man: "You are about to witness the calling out ceremony of the Mitigwa Lodge. The Order of the Arrow is an honor camping society comprised of those Scouts who have completed their First Class Progress Award, camped out for 15 days and nights, demonstrated their ability and willingness to live their lives by the Scout Oath and Law, and have been selected by the members of their unit. Those called will complete a four part ordeal. First, the will spend this night, under the stars, to prove their courage. Second, they will eat frugally, showing their willingness to serve others, and finally they will spend the next 24 hours in total silence, so that they might reflect upon the true meaning of the Scout Oath and Law in their daily life. This is a tremendous undertaking. 'He alone is worthy to wear the arrow who will continue, faithfully, to serve his fellow man.' ... Brother Arrowmen, please line the trail."

(All Arrowmen should leave to line the trail to the call out ring.)

Medicine Man: "We ask all of you to extinguish your flashlights. Now, would all Scouts and Scouters please rise, fold your arms, and follow me in silence."

(Medicine Man and a torchbearer step down from stage and gesture Scout or Scouter in front row on right to follow, leading to the ring.)

(At ring, Medicine Man walks around to far East end and stops, keeping torchbearer there to hold the line and walks toward center of circle in front of call-out fire. When all Scouts and Scouters are in place, Camp Chief will signal Medicine Man to begin.)

Medicine Man: "Let there be silence (Three Drum Beats). Let anyone among you who breaks this silence be driven away from our council ring. Bring forth the fire of welcome and make it ready for the presence of the Mighty Chief!"

(Light call-out fire using appropriate method)

(Mighty Chief will begin singing three chorus's of Omaha Tribal Prayer. Singer echoes. Mighty Chief begins walk from the Council Ring, Teepee, or edge of woods toward council fire and stops in center next to Medicine Man.)

Omaha Tribal Prayer: Wakonda Thay Thu, Wa Pa Thee Na Toan Hee

Mighty Chief: "Tonight, as you are in the great circle of the Mitigwa Lodge, you are stirred by the thrilling memories. Many of you have stood here before, many of you stand here for the first time, we welcome you to our council fire this night. Tonight, some of you will be called to begin a long and toilsome trail. Those called may be compared to the Oak seedling, crowded and grown through the years, nurtured by Mother Nature, and have survived the great winds of the north, the snows of winter, and the rains of spring, and have grown into the mighty Oak. Tonight, some of you will begin growing as the mighty Oak has grown. To those of you who do not hear your name called, hear me now and listen well. The reason for your not being called is no reflection upon you, for you too are seedlings, sheltered by the mighty Oak, and in time, as you return to this, your hearts reservation, as you spread your leadership as the mighty Oak spreads its branches, as you continue to advance in rank as the mighty Oak advances in stature, as you continue to serve younger and weaker Scouts, you too will hear your name called to join our Brotherhood."


Mighty Chief: "Medicine Man, is there a way in which we might know who is to be called this night?"

Medicine Man: "They shall be marked, O'Mighty Chief!"

Mighty Chief: "It is well, let them so be marked!" (Three loud beats of the drum)

(Runners and walkers run to the ends of line. Fast drum roll.)

The Running. (Runners{torchbearers} hold torch up, one drum beat. Runners symmetrically swing torches in a circle, one drum beat. Fast drum roll, runners sprint to opposite end of line. Repeat torch swing and sprint back to original end of line.)

The Walking. (Torchbearer looks into eyes of each individual while looking for signs behind scouts. When sign is spotted, torchbearer pulls marked scout from line. Walker guides and instructs scout to the Mighty Chief and Medicine Man. Torchbearer selects every other marked scout. When end is reached, Runners hold torch up, one drum beat. Runners symmetrically swing torches in a circle, one drum beat. Runner and walker start another walking pass.)

Two runs-Two walks-Two runs-Two walks. Number of passes can be modified. On final walking pass, after torchbearers pass each other, every marked scout is chosen. Then, torches are swung like for a normal running pass. When runners go, the walkers run behind them. They run towards the middle then turn down the center toward council fire.

Mighty Chief: "These Scouts and Scouters will be seen no longer this night, but fear not, for they will be well taken care of. We will now read the names of the Scouts and Scouters who have been called into the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service."

Mighty Chief and Medicine Man read names and unit number of each candidate.

Mighty Chief: "This concludes the calling out ceremony of the Mitigwa Lodge. We thank you all for coming. Senior Patrol Leaders, take charge of your troops and return to your campsites. Parents and guests, please move toward the parking lot and have a safe trip home."

(Candidates are led into the Council Ring for further instruction.)

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Re-typed by Bradley Miller, September 2000.