Scout Memorabilia Vendors:

The Scout Patch Auction

HOT Trader (Heart of Texas)

The Northeastern Trader


Kirk Doan Auction & Set Price (download BB2 here)

The Silver Fox Trader

Painter's Patch Service

eBay Auction: Boy Scout Category

Misc. Patch Pages:

ASTA (American Scouting Historical Society)

The Virtual Patch Collection

The Internet Guide to OA Insignia

OA Lodge Flap Trading Page (lots of links)

The Trading Post (lots of links)

Personal Patch Pages:

Tony Westover

Drew Desilet

Todd Hatfield

Brian Ing

Alan Sorum

Troop 56 Patch Traders Page

Dana's Patches Page

Non Patch Related Scouting Sites:

The MacScouter

Compas @Scouter Home Page

The Netwoods Virtual Campsite

Baloo - A Scouting Search Engine!

Search Engines:

All In 1 search engine

Kimfind, A list of over 100 custom search engines.

Other Fun Pages:

The Dilbert Page!

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